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We are committed to you and your families.

Children and social life are essential parts of integration and we give special attention to ensure the right schooling and environment is found for the youngest family members, together with ensuring the cultural aspect is not left behind.

Together with enjoying amazing hikes in the beautiful Alps, indulging on hand-made chocolates and enjoying posh life style, education is an area Switzerland consistently scores in the top of the world education rankings and boasts one of the most successful apprenticeship systems in the world.

With a wide range of educational solutions, both private and public, Switzerland is a fantastic place for schooling and learning but can be confusing which direction to go

There are a variety of private schools offering an English, French, German and Italian as well as bi-lingual curriculum. British IGCSE and A-Levels, as well as the American High-School diploma are also on offer. In addition, children have the opportunity to sit SATs, the entry requirements for American Universities.

Our clients benefit from tailored services and intercultural support, to ensure stability and continuity in education, as well as trust in making the right choices

Please read how our services can support you in your choices of education and learning environment and contact us for further information.