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About the team

Franziska Dornblut
Head Relocation Services, GMS

Franziska considers herself an "International" due to her vast experience abroad. Her professional career started in the USA, where she graduated from university with a Business Administration Degree majoring in International Business. After her studies Franziska spent one year in Madrid/Spain as well as three years in the Principality of Andorra where she worked as a sales representative in the international tourism industry. From 2007 until 2012 she was the director of an international language school in Basel. One of her responsibilities was the customer support for expatriates of global enterprises especially Pharma companies in and around Basel.

Based on her international experience the interaction with cross-cultural individuals, different languages and promoting intercultural relationships are in the focus of Franziska; qualifications she implements at Connectiv every single day. Franziska is a Global Mobility Specialist (GMS) and heads Connectiv's team of relocation consultants with extensive knowledge and passion. In addition, Franziska is an active member of JCI Junior Chamber International Basel.