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Our Services

Our Services Introduction

Let us provide you with our personal services to meet your individual needs and ensure satisfaction.

By working with us you get: Personal attention and tailored focus on individual needs and preferences; trusted partners to ensure your employees coming from abroad feel home immediately; integrity and sustainability throughout every personal transition and change; deep understanding of the industry factors and long years of experience and a network of qualified partners to accommodate financial, medical, legal, immigration and tax needs.

  • Pick-up at location (airport, train station, hotel)
  • Individual program based on needs (such as a tour of historic city, the shopping district, tourist highlights)
  • Overview of neighborhoods and their cultural environs
  • Identify preferred living areas inclduing housing visits
  • Verbal and written information on living in Switzerland
  • Pick-up at location (airport, train station, hotel)
  • Registration in your local 'Gemeinde' (community, or municipality)
  • Setting-up bank account services
  • Registering for landline, internet, mobile phones
  • Assistance with insurances, e.g. health insurance, third-party liability, car, etc.
  • Visit a local supermarket
  • Overview and orientation of the neighborhood and community with contact lists (doctors, pharmacies)
  • Assistance with private vehicles (import, purchase, lease of cars), vehicle registration, annual highway tax
  • Public transport (trains, trams and buses)
  • Home search service (temporary, renting or buying)
  • Furnished accommodation
  • Assistance with lease, deficiency list, handover of accommodation
  • Neighborhood orientation (shopping facilities, schools, local transport)
  • Assistance with moving
  • We also advise on (or, if requested, accompany you to) furniture stores, interior design decorators, architects
  • Tailored information about schooling options (private and public)
  • Arrange and accompany the family to school appointments
  • Register children at schools, day cares, kindergarten etc.
  • Support children with special educational needs
  • Advice on University education
  • Schooling seminars
  • Information on nannies, au-pairs and babysitters (short- und long term)
  • Obtaining work & residence permits and visas for company employees and private individuals
  • Advice on Swiss entry regulations incl. salary calculation
  • Legalization of the documentation for the immigration process
  • Submission of applications and necessary documents
  • Monitoring the approval process
  • Constant communication with HR partner and applicant(s) as well as authorities
  • Family reunion
  • Understand essential Swiss cultural values
  • Enable a smooth and sustainable transition and integration
  • Identify the differences between your culture and the Swiss culture
  • Learn about Swiss "etiquette” and “Do’s and Don'ts”
  • Address topics of high interest/relevance such as cultural events
  • Swiss schooling seminars, promotion of NGO’s, charity, etc.
  • Accompany the transferees and/or their spouses to social events and informal meetings