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Relocation Services

Let your story begin!

We bring our values, long years of experience and deep knowledge of the area, so we can ensure smooth and fulfilling transition for people relocating to Switzerland. We understand the desire for people to ensure their families and loved ones are comfortable, the place they live in is in accordance to their preferences and they don’t only settle in Switzerland – they feel at home.

Let your story begin!

We believe that relocation is not about only finishing a chapter of life but also so much about starting a new one. We are here to help you start a new story, which is filled with excitement, passion and new possibilities.

Our aim is to get you accustomed and quickly oriented in a new place and be able to enjoy all the great aspects of a move, while we take care of the rest.

With us, you will feel at home with ease, while we provide tailored services around your needs and questions in all areas of integration, immigration, social and cultural life, housing possibilities and personally structured information about the city.

For more information, please check our services and contact us for more information. We look forward to working with you.

For companies

Your employees are your family. Our clients are ours.

Looking for a trusted partner to deeply understand the transition process of relocation can be time consuming and daunting at times. When you make a decision to enrich your team with the best possible employees from around the globe, this often means offering a relocation possibility. We know that you and your employees time is valuable, you are looking to ensure those, who come on board are comfortable, feel at home and can be productive and motivated at the work place.

This is where we come in. We know that relocation is so much more than boxes and transportation. We understand the emotional aspect of arriving in a new place without an idea of where to start.